• Best Serengeti Experience

    Witness the mighty Serengeti migration with legendary Ombeni Safaris

  • Wildbeast Migration lifelong Experience

    Enjoy the mighty Wild beast Migration With Awesome accomodation

  • Nightout Camps

    The beautiful lamp path camp awaits you at Serengeti national park

  • World Class Accomodation

    Stay in top class accommodations and take away lifelong memories.

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Best Serengeti Experience

Come and join the lifetime migration tour with legendary Ombeni safari team!

WHY Serengeti Safari

Come and join the thrill and excitement of Serengeti wilderness with the adventure safari team of Ombeni Safaris!
We explore the best possible location Tanzania and Serengeti has to offer with thrilling rapids, overnight camping adventures and sightseeing that you will only see with legendary Ombeni safaris.

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The Wildebeest Migration

Amazingly great Serengeti wildebeest migration, when vast numbers of the Serengeti's wildebeest move in search of better shelter and food. Large numbers of zebra accompanied them with a small number of Thomson's gazelle, Grant's gazelle, and impala. These annual pattern move in a fairly predictable Manner. They are migrating throughout the whole year, in the search of fresh grazing and better quality water. Rainfall pattern drives the precise timing for the great Serengeti migration.

Witness Big cats at Serengeti National Park

"Big Five" was originally used by hunters to identify the five most dangerous species that can be hunted on foot: rhinos, leopard leopards, elephants, buffaloes. Even if you follow these animals through the camera lens, you still have the power to awaken the respect and the sense of respect that scares the fear. Each time you get close to one of these iconic creatures, you will experience a real thirst for adventure (and a sense of your own microscopic significance for the planet).


Enjoy a full expertly guided tour, camping catered with delicious meals prepared by guides. Come to Tanzania and join the excitement and thrill of the great wilderness and world class hospitality with the Legendary Ombeni Safaris team!


Come and join the thrill and excitement of Serengeti Migration Seasons with the Legendary Ombeni safari.

14 days

Ombeni Kirawira Tented Camp

Gets a season passing the migration with the great resident game here

14 days

Serengeti Pioneer Camp

A Legendary Tented Camp in the Deep Heart of the Serengeti

14 days

Serengeti Migration Camp

Embark on a Tanzania’s most renowned game reserves and enjoy the safari experience of a lifetime.

14 days

Serengeti Mara River camp

Serengeti Mara River Camp offers you the best Leisure and hospitality experience.

14 days

Serengeti Kati-Kati Camp

Serengeti Kati-Kati Camp offers you the best relaxation and adventure.

14 days

Serengeti Four Season

Four Sesons Camp offers you the best Migration Safari experience.

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Happy travellers

“It's more than just a safari; it's a life-changing experience.”

"Our safari to Tanzania under the auspices of Ombeni African Safaris was one of the most memorable vacations we ever had. The guides we had were professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and personable. We were more than satisfied with the services they provided. We were amazed at what we saw while on safari. We visited five national parks, and the wildlife viewing was beyond our wildest imagination. We saw vast varieties of wildlife up close and personal. The accommodations at the lodges we stayed at were very good, and we enjoyed the food. We are extremely satisfied with our experience."

Ombeni Safari Extensions

Enjoy best Balloon safari and gorilla trekking safari extension at a very less added cost to your Serengeti safari Booking. Call us now to Book your lifetime experience.


2 for 1

Balloon safari Extension

Have a memorable experience from the sky. Watch the migrating wildebeest searching for land


25% Off

Zanzibar Island Extension

Best relaxation you can get in the zanzibar island and its amazing lodge dream of zanzibar.


Save $50

Gorilla trekking

These fun loving and enjoying gorilla are playing in the wilderness. It such pleasure to experience them.
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Have a lifetime memorable experience.

Legendary safari organizer Ombeni safari offers you the best trekking, sightseeing and countless exploration of the wilderness of Africa.

Serengeti Safari Experience

Twinkling Nights and Bornfire

Ombeni Safari welcome you to the twinkling dinner to make your loved ones special for you.

We welcome you to our homeland Tanzania.

Enjoy the bornfire evaporating the vapour droplets of the sunrise. The fire was there for the whole night from midnight and waiting for you with the sun.

Spectacular Serengeti Safari

Join our exclusive and amazing adventure of Serengeti safari with best of Tanzania game drives and world class accommodation and safari camp.

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